Monday, August 5, 2013

Comic Hereos Film with Martial Arts Mastery

Martial Arts World of Hollywood

New Buzzing Film Project announced at Comic-Con combines comic book heroes with Martial Arts mastery

Burbank, CA – Martial Arts World of Hollywood Master and CEO, Keith Winkle, has just climbed aboard a film project that has garnered some attention at this past July’s San Diego Comic-Con. Spike TV covered an announcement by Lion Forge Comics -- who recently inked a deal with NBC/Universal for bringing our favorite 80’s shows (Knight Rider, Miami Vice) to comics-- has commissioned Black Mast Studios to commence with a live action Superhero series called “Catalyst Prime: Incidentals.”

The project boasts a stellar Hollywood team. The VFX supervisor attached has worked on Marvel’s “Avenger’s”, “Captain America”, and “Iron Man 3” productions along with Jet Li’s stunt double and team with credits from “Power Rangers”, “Drive”, and “Alias.” Finally, the production designer, who’s worked on Catherine Hardwick’s “Red Riding Hood”, has joined the team while continuing his work for the “Rocky” musical on Broadway.

Martial Arts World of Hollywood CEO and owner, Master Keith Winkle, has been teaching professionally over 28 years, mastering various forms of martial arts styles and eventually earning his 7th degree black belt. He has opened 7 martial art schools in Virginia and is the Martial Arts World corporate Senior Vice-Chairman. Master Winkle currently heads his Martial Arts World of Hollywood studio into its 4th year in Burbank, under the guidance of Grandmaster Y.K. Kim.

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